Small Weddings Can be Fun and Creative

officiant for small weddings

One of the best things about being a very busy wedding officiant in Los Angeles is that I get to meet people from all over the world to participate in a very intimate occasion.  Many couples get very creative with their ceremony of marriage.  And the smaller the wedding the more unique and creative the bride and groom can be.

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Wedding Bouquet for a Small Wedding by this Los Angeles Wedding Officiant – The Officiant Guy

I have had the opportunity to the wedding officiant in almost every possible type of Los Angeles wedding ceremony imaginable.  I’ve even married two different couples as they bathed naked in their hot tubs.  (It feels quite strange to complete the paperwork to issue a couple’s marriage license when the bride and groom are both nude, but I can do it).

One of the nude wedding couples was in their seventies and referred to themselves as “old swingers”.  They wanted me to join them in hot tub.  When I balked at the prospect they were careful to explain that they were “swingers” and not simply hedonists so unless I brought a partner of my own they were not interested.  Still, I split the difference and left my suit on but put my feet in the water.

wedding officiant, wedding minister, marriage license, wedding ceremony, marriage ceremony, ceremony of marriage
Small Wedding in Malibu by this Wedding Officiant in Los Angeles – The Officiant Guy

Sure, I have officiated countless wonderful formal wedding ceremonies, both civil weddings and religious weddings,  at more traditional wedding venues.  But my experience has shown that couples who opt for a smaller marriage ceremony or more impromptu ceremony often have much more fun on their wedding day than those who plan a big extravaganza.  No waiting for the string quarter to arrive.  No worrying about the catering or the bar or about guests who are late or get lost on the way. No worrying about what certain unreliable family members may do during the wedding.

As a wedding officiant I can attest that many large wedding ceremonies are fantastic but you may wish to consider doing what many couples have been doing in recent years.  They have a small or private wedding ceremony in a fun way and later have a party with their friends and family to celebrate their marriage. I can make it even easier on them by being their wedding minister and issue their marriage license.

I would love to be a part of your wedding day. Give me a call and I can help you have a stressless wedding whether it’s a large wedding ceremony or a small wedding ceremony.