How to Incorporate Star Wars into a Wedding | Themed Wedding Ideas

star wars yoda wedding cake idea

Wedding Ideas

Theme weddings may sound a bit silly but I have been a part of numerous Southern California weddings that were a lot more fun than I expected.  At each of those unique weddings, the wedding couple decided to celebrate their union with a theme that represented something that the couple enjoyed or that they thought their friends and family would appreciate.

jedi light saber ceremony accessory aisle
This Jedi light saber was at the end of the front rows at a Star Wars Themed wedding that I officiated.


Unique Wedding Ideas

I was part of a same day civil wedding ceremony for a couple who I helped get married while sitting in a hot tub.  In fact, I have officiated multiple hot tub weddings.  Two of those weddings were private wedding ceremonies in which the bride and groom were nude. While I opted not to join them in the water, I was impressed by their creative spirit.  They appreciated that I was able to issue their California marriage license so they did not have to spend time standing in line purchasing their marriage license in Norwalk or any of the other cities with County Clerk’s offices. They would have drawn quite a bit of attention unless they put on their clothes.


Star Wars Wedding 

Recently, a couple getting married in LA asked me to officiate their Star Wars themed wedding.  They had me officiate a simple civil wedding ceremony with traditional wedding vows and the wedding couple wore customary wedding attire.  Their wedding party, on the other hand, enthusiastically embraced the Star Wars energy.

The various costumes spanned the history of the Star Wars saga.  The bride’s father was dressed as Obi Wan Kenobi and the best man was Storm Trooper.  The flower girl was dressed in a homemade R2D2 costume.  But other wedding guests celebrated the players in the more recent Star Wars movies.  After the ceremony I was asked to tell the guests to get their meal tickets “from Debra who is dressed as Captain Phasma.”

wedding meal choice ticket with light saber and beef option cow silhouette
The wedding meal choice ticket indicating that this person preferred beef to the vegan or chicken options.


After the bride and groom celebrated their wedding sand ceremony from their wedding script, naturally, I said, “Just as the grains of sand can never be separated into their individual containers again, so will your marriage be.  And may the force be with you!”  That may not be the most traditional sand ceremony wording but it got their point across.

A jar of glow sticks was available during the cocktail hour to anyone who desired to take one.  Or two or three.  And the wedding party spent more time than usual taking photographs after the ceremony because they were having so much fun posing with their multi-colored illuminated mini light sabers.

star wars yoda wedding cake idea
This Star Wars Yoda sign was situated right next to the wedding cake, reminding us all what marriage is about.


And if you are considering a themed wedding, I have been the marriage officiant for  numerous types and all but a few have worked well.  I officiated weddings with themes ranging from magic to basketball to dancing and singing to movies to you name it!  I’ve officiated double and triple weddings and Goth weddings, including two in famous cemeteries in Los Angeles.

Are you planning on getting married in LA or any place else in Southern California?  Please consider the Officiant Guy as your wedding minister.  I will also be pleased to issue your confidential marriage license no matter you plan to be married in California.  If you want to know where to get a marriage license during the weekend, I can issue your confidential marriage license and officiate your private marriage ceremony or your wedding ceremony of any size on short notice.


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