The 4 Most Underrated Palos Verdes Wedding Venues

beach view underrated palos verdes wedding venues

Pristine beaches, untouched nature, magnificent cliffs, picturesque lighthouses – what if I told you it’s all right outside of the busiest port in the United States? These underrated Palos Verdes wedding venues are some of the most beautiful destinations in Los Angeles for any marriage ceremony.

Los Angeles has a strong association with beach culture – our sunny weather and abundant palm trees make it seem like the ocean is always just on the other side of whatever freeway you’re on. And it’s true that we have a ton of beaches. Santa Monica and Venice Beach draw millions of visitors each year for their long, flat shorelines and rich cultural scenes. Further to the north and south, Malibu and Laguna have more charming beaches, but are just as swamped with visitors and often have horrendous traffic on the way.

But my favorite beaches in Southern California aren’t nearly as far away from Los Angeles proper. In fact, they’re surrounded by it! Palos Verdes is home to some of the most stunning views in Los Angeles just fifteen minutes outside of the port. A curvy drive snakes its way around the peninsula, leading you to resorts, beachheads, rocky coves, and plenty of unique wedding venues. Here are some of my favorites.

Wayfarers Chapel palos verdes wedding venues

Wayfarers’ Chapel

One of the most distinctive wedding venues in Los Angeles, the Wayfarers Chapel is an enchanting building with simple and beautiful grounds and breathtaking views. In the morning, it’s common to catch sea fog creeping up into the hillside. But instead of letting it subtract from the scenery, the chapel’s transparent glass design and tree-covered bluff create an enchanting Nordic atmosphere. It’s one of the best Palos Verdes wedding venues for couples who want a serene ceremony, or who would like their faith to be included.

Terranea resort beautiful palos verdes wedding venues

Terranea Resort

The Terranea Resort is a sprawling resort with some of the best views on the peninsula. With hundreds of hotel rooms and condominiums, it’s practically a small city. But it conserves the tranquility of the sea, with plenty of walking paths along the bluffs, beautiful landscaping, and access to some stunning beaches. The grounds are sprawling and perfect for larger wedding ceremonies. Wedding planners there can take care of your ceremony, working with you to customize it and ironing out the details so you don’t have to stress. Whether indoors or outdoors, the Terranea is one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Los Angeles that’s certain to be a perfect fit for a big wedding ceremony.

Korean friendship bell palos verdes wedding venues

Korean Friendship Bell

One of my favorite places in Southern California, the Korean Friendship Bell is a one-of-a-kind wedding location with unobstructed ocean views. Gifted by the government of South Korea in 1978, the bell is a popular landmark for LA residents. The Korean-style belfry sits upon a grassy hill that slopes down toward the ocean, offering views of the calm Pacific from the port of Los Angeles to the Channel Islands some thirty miles out at sea. Visitors stroll the grounds or sit along the hillside taking in the breeze. The Korean Friendship Bell is perfect for a small wedding with a few friends and family members, or even a simple elopement with just the couple and the officiant. 

Point Vicente lighthouse palos verdes wedding venue

Point Vicente Lighthouse

At the far tip of the Palos Verdes peninsula stands the Point Vicente Lighthouse, a call back to the early days of the port. A simple white-painted beacon, it stands sixty-seven feet high on a bluff twice as far above the water where the two sides of the peninsula converge in a sharp-pointed triangle. While you may not be able to access the lighthouse itself for your Palos Verdes wedding ceremony, you won’t need to to have a beautiful marriage ceremony. The grounds are broad and stunning, dotted with palm trees and surrounded by nothing but the sea. On a clear day you can even make out Catalina island. The stunning views and the history of the site put it up there with my favorite Palos Verdes wedding venues.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of Palos Verdes wedding venues. There are dozens of parks, beaches, and other historical and natural landmarks dotting the Peninsula. You can explore other Palos Verdes wedding venues by clicking here.

Underrated Palos Verdes Wedding Venues

Combing through the thousands of wedding locations in Los Angeles County to find the perfect spot that’s also not swamped with people? These Palos Verdes wedding venues are some great options. But if you’re still not sure about any of these places fear not! As a top wedding minister and Los Angeles officiant who has performed thousands of ceremonies, I can recommend hundreds of beautiful marriage venues throughout Southern California. Give me a call today at 562-547-3255 or send me an email here.