Marriage Licenses

Check out the image below that I took when I was filing a marriage license Los Angeles County:

marriage license Los Angeles County
This is what you’ll encounter if you try to get a marriage license Los Angeles County at the County Clerk’s office.


Save your time and money. I can issue you a marriage license Los Angeles County. If you do go to the Los Angeles County Clerk’s office, not only are there some unsavory folks there waiting side by side with you, but you and your fiancé must appear together and spend up to 4 hours in the ordeal. I can trim that time down to 15 minutes for you and if you use my wedding officiant services I will then return to this melee and hand deliver the marriage license to the County Recorder so that any bureaucratic nightmare may be avoided.

I am a marriage officiant in Los Angeles. I am also an attorney so paperwork is second nature to me. It’s important to me that I follow proper procedures and get your marriage records filed. What’s more is that I always have extra marriage licenses on hand so I can issue one to you on a moment’s notice.

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