Wedding Officiant and Marriage License in Los Angeles California

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Chris Robinson, Officiant Guy
Chris Robinson, Officiant Guy

Chris Robinson is the Officiant Guy in Los Angeles, California. He is a non-denominational wedding minister, an attorney and a notary. He also has other wedding ministers on call to help couples in need of an officiant. The combination makes him a very reliable wedding professional.

He officiates wedding ceremonies in Los Angeles and Orange counties. Chris is specially authorized by Los Angeles county to issue confidential marriage licenses, which is the kind of marriage license that protects your personal information from the general public. Since he can issue the license on the spot, he helps many people to elope and get married easily.

Chris is a calm influence on a hectic wedding which makes him very popular. He is a frequent TV guest because his manner is very smooth and sophisticated.

Chris is a father of 3 young children, and has been married for 16 years.

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