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The Los Angeles County Registrar Recorder/County Clerk, also known as the L.A. County Clerk, is a very busy place. All kinds of people go there to get many sorts of things such as marriage licenses and other legal documents. It’s a very large place and yet, every time that I go there to file a marriage license so that a marriage certificate can be issued or to pick up marriage licenses I usually see a long line that looks like this:

This is a photo taken from my phone of the line I usually encounter at the Los Angeles County Clerk's Office.
This is a photo taken from my phone of the line I usually encounter at the Los Angeles County Clerk’s Office.

It’s not an exciting place, but it’s a necessary one. If you are having a Southern California wedding then you need a marriage license Los Angeles County first before you get married so obtaining a marriage license is necessary either at the County Clerk’s Office or through one of the few specially trained notaries available, such as myself.

There are only eight County Clerk’s offices in Los Angeles and over 10 million people living here. And all but one office closes at 3 pm. The other one stays open until 4 pm. Do the math and you can imagine what I come across when I make the trip at least once every week. There are just way too many people and the parking lot is overcrowded and confusing. It is unquestionably a very frustrating experience. Most of my clients feel that way too so they ask me to issue their license so they can avoid such an ordeal.

Those who choose to get a Los Angeles marriage license themselves usually tell me that they regret it because it eats up most of a work day and both bride and groom must show up together during limited business hours. Taking the day off of work can sometimes be a costly thing especially when you are planning a honeymoon together and need that extra time for fun.

So, if you’d rather not spend a good portion of your work day waiting in line and filling out the frustrating paperwork of a wedding license, I can do it for you. Isn’t there already more wedding stress than there has to be?

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I am a marriage officiant in Los Angeles. I am also an attorney so paperwork is second nature to me. It’s important to me that I follow proper procedures and get your marriage records filed. What’s more is that I always have extra marriage licenses on hand so I can issue one to you on a moment’s notice. You can contact me any time.

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