Groom and Bride? Or Bride and Groom?

Wedding Officiant

As a wedding officiant I sometimes have to be the voice of diplomacy.

wedding officiant, wedding ceremony, bride, groom
A photo I took of a groom and bride. Or bride and groom? In either case, it was on top of a wedding cake.

I received the wording of a wedding ceremony from a groom yesterday via email and he titled the ceremony (made up names) “Jim and Jackie – June 1, 2013” and asked if it looked OK. I knew the groom had a sense of humor so I emailed back that it looked fine but that I will be titling it “Jackie and Jim – June 1 2013”.

The groom emailed back simply “?”.

I replied, “Talk to Jackie”.  

I have been married over twenty years so I know that keeping your marriage happy means keeping your wife happy.  🙂  Or, at least, I learned that as a wedding officiant.

I love couples who have a sense of humor.  Our phone and email exchanges are always a lot of fun.