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Yesterday I had the honor of being the wedding officiant at the marriage ceremony of Ana and John at a fun venue near the Los Angeles Airport called the Proud Bird.  The Proud Bird has an airplane theme and several old military jets decorate the parking lot and the lawns surrounding the restaurant.

theme wedding, wedding officiant, marriage ceremony, los angeles
One of the many vintage planes at the Proud Bird Restaurant.

Ana and John decided to have some fun with their wedding so they chose a Great Gatsby wedding theme for their marriage ceremony.  The bride and groom dressed in vintage 1920’s era clothes and most of their guests did the same.   Ana and her three sisters were certainly fashion plates.  John, of course, was dapper in his three piece suit.   It was hard not to picture everything in black and white like a 1920’s era movie.

wedding officiant, theme wedding, wedding theme, marriage ceremony, los angeles
Ana, John and Ana’s sisters dressed to the nines in Great Gatsby theme.

One of Ana’s sisters even created a beautiful vintage art deco theme wedding cake with with a gorgeous and intricate metal head piece that was marked with John’s and Ana’s initials “J A”.  The cake was such a lovely piece of art it was a shame that it would be cut into.

wedding officiant, theme wedding, wedding theme, marriage ceremony, los angeles,
Beautiful Art Deco cake made by Ana’s Sister

The patio setting at the Proud Bird was great but it had one slight drawback.  Every minute or two a plane landing at the airport flew low overhead.  Fortunately, after many years as a wedding officiant I have learned to drown out any background noise without sounding like I am yelling.

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