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Reasons to Elope

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There are so many reasons to elope. Here are some of the reasons I’ve come across in talking to many couples and providing them with a private, confidential wedding and a confidential marriage license.

Elopement Packages California Officiant and Marriage License

Reasons to Elope

  • Elope for a tax break. (If it’s the end of the year and you know you’re going to get married soon, why not get a write off on your income tax?)
  • Elope for insurance purposes. (If you’re getting married soon anyway and your fiance’s insurance is running out, why not make it legal ahead of that wedding for friends and family?)
  • Elope to stay in the country (If you are getting married soon anyway and time is running out on that visa, marry now. However, you must be in love and this must be a real marriage in order for your legal residency to happen.)

    Elope Southern California Gay Weddings Officiant
    Gay and Lesbian weddings are totally legal now in California.
  • Elope before a deployment or work transfer. (Do you need a quick, impromptu wedding because of your circumstances? Then I can help you elope in Southern California.
  • Elope because you never got around to it. (I have married many couples who have been living together so long that everyone thought they were married. I understand, I’ll be there and nobody will know.)
  • Elope due to illness or accident. (Don’t wait. Life is too short.)
  • Elope to avoid the hassle and expense of a traditional wedding.
  • Elope for privacy. (You don’t have to be a celebrity to want to keep things just between the two of you.)
  • Do it because it’s fun. (It is!) Check out Guerrilla weddings.Elope In California Officiants For Weddings
  • If you need to elope in Southern California, call me. I can help no matter what your reason. If you get married in Los Angeles county, I can issue your marriage license for you on a moment’s notice.
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