Elopements: Elope in Southern California

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I am often called to perform elopements. Since I can provide you with a confidential Los Angeles County marriage license and perform your wedding ceremony anywhere in Southern California from Los Angeles to Orange County to Ventura County and parts of San Bernardino County, it’s one of the best elopement packages.  And a confidential marriage license permits you to be married without any witnesses so your elopement ceremony can be as private as you would like.

elope, los angeles, orange county, eloping, elopements

An elopement marriage can be performed for several reasons, but I don’t ask. I just know that you are ready to get married and you want it done easily and without hassle. Eloping makes it a bit romantic and fun instead of stressful.

Elope During the Holidays

During the holidays couples often choose an impromptu elopement with or without the family.  Since the family is all there and it may be fun to surprise everyone with an unannounced elopement ceremony. And as the end of the year comes, many couples who plan to marry next year, go ahead and elope now and have their big wedding later so that they can take advantage of tax breaks or insurance benefits.

Elope During Vacations (Destination Weddings)

Destination weddings are something I officiate often. Southern California is the best place to vacation (I feel very lucky to live here). We have great beaches, incredible weather, practically no bugs, a cool, hip vibe, phenomenal restaurants and…celebrities. Los Angeles is known all over the world as a very mellow place. So, if you’re planning a vacation, consider eloping here for a destination wedding. I can suggest some great, unknown wedding venues and settings with fantastic ocean or city views for the perfect wedding and great restaurants for a celebration afterward.

Elope During Your Lunch Hour

Eloping doesn’t have to be a big ceremony at all. In fact, I have married many couples over coffee and many times in an office during lunch. If you are busy, or just want the wedding ceremony over and done with, I can help you elope, and we could be done in twenty minutes.

Whatever your reason to elope, I can help you. If you would like to elope in Southern California, then give me a call. I can help you make it very easy and fun.