Wedding Flowers and Rose Petals

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As an officiant for many decades, I have seen many scenarios with flowers and rose petals as a part of weddings.

Brides and grooms or their wedding coordinators often have specific plans to decorate the wedding venue. Often those plans include an array of flowers and a sprinkling of flower petals on the bridal path and around the altar.

wedding officiant

While flower petals can be beautiful they can get a couple in some trouble if they are not real flower petals. Synthetic flower petals are inexpensive and look great but they are not biodegradable and are not permitted in public places because after the wedding they are considered litter and could be a hazard to animals. A significant fine and a wedding ceremony interrupted by the beach or park authorities may result in total embarrassment. And some wedding locations do not even permit real petals because they are too hard to clean up afterwards.

wedding officiant


So when you are planning your wedding decorations be as creative as you want but make sure that you do not set yourself up for unexpected problems. Double check what the flower rules are at any wedding venue before you order those rose petals.

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