Wedding Tips to Beat the Summer Heat


It’s that time of year here in Southern California when the temperatures are very hot and yet, the most popular time for weddings is summer. The temperature has reached in the hundreds which can be incredibly uncomfortable for many wedding guests (I should know as I wear a suit and tie when I am a wedding minister). Luckily, in Los Angeles, the heat this hot only lasts for a few weeks, but it’s mighty uncomfortable.


Here are some summer wedding tips to help your wedding guests beat the heat:

  1. Try to time your wedding either very early or very late in the day.
  2. Provide shade, lots of shade in many forms
  3. Provide misters
  4. Provide ice cold water for your guests to prevent dehydration, especially if alcohol is served
  5. Consider the elderly guests as they will suffer the greatest
  6. Have fun with great weddings favors that will help your wedding guests cool down and remember the wedding.
  7. Purchase cooling vests for the groomsmen to wear under their hot suits. They can be purchased at sporting good stores.


Some ideas for difference shade to provide are matching parasols to the colors of your wedding, large umbrellas, and collapsible canopies. Make sure that the seating is shaded and that it is evenly shaded or guests will tend to all huddle under the shaded areas. Consider renting high-pressure misting fans to keep your entire wedding cool and happy.


There are many useful wedding favors for summer weddings such as silk fans, paper fans, bamboo fans, spray bottle battery-operated fans filled with ice water and monogrammed ice cold wet washcloths.


I hope that you have a fun wedding in this heat. Don’t worry about what to do when your wedding is in the hot summer heat. You now know how to beat it.

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