Unity Wedding Ceremonies

sand ceremony vessels, beach weddings

Many brides and grooms choose to include a symbolic unity ceremony on their wedding day. Whether you prefer a unity candle ceremony or a unity sand ceremony, the sentiment is the same. Both wedding ceremonies offer a symbolic way to celebrate the joining of the groom and the bride into new and inseparable marital community.

sand ceremony vessels, beach weddings

For many beach weddings in Southern California the sand ceremony is very popular. I have to stress that a unity candle on the beach will certainly blow out. So many wedding couples begrudgingly fake it even after I’ve warned them of the consequences of having a unity candle on the beach. A special wind protector container would be appropriate, but I’ve seen many wedding couples cringe in pain trying to navigate the candles into the special container. It’s a double-edged sword.

unity candles, beach weddings, wedding accessories

The bride and groom can also include the other members of their families as well whether by having their children participate in the ceremony or by having their mothers light the separate unity candles that the bride and groom use to light their unity candle together to further demonstrate the joining of the two families into a new marriage of both families. Whichever unity ceremony you choose you can be as simple, creative or even humorous as you’d like with your materials from wedding candles, or sand vessels, or anything that will symbolize your joining into one.

But get creative. Make it YOUR ceremony. It can be anything you desire.

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