Sunset Weddings on the Beach

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Although we Southern California natives sometimes take it for granted, there are few images more beautiful than the multi-colored horizon as the sun sets over the Pacific Ocean. Stunning vistas present themselves whether the sun sets directly into the ocean or creates a panorama of orange and red hues as it falls into and illuminates the clouds over the sea.

That is why so many couples choose to be married at sunset in a Southern California beach wedding. What could be a more breathtaking backdrop to your exchange of vows than an awe-inspiring sunset over the glistening water? If that is your desire, I can tell you the precise minute that the sun will set on a date you choose. I can also suggest some of the nicest beaches and ocean view venues available in Southern California. Of course I would love to be your wedding officiant no matter where or when your civil wedding ceremony or your religious wedding ceremony will be.Sunset Wedding - Couple Walking on Beach, Malibu

Sunset Weddings Southern California

Sunset weddings on the beach may be memorably lovely but can present a few unexpected issues that may make you rethink your plans. As the sun sets and the moon rises the tides are affected. The rising and falling of the tide can, in turn, cause excessive winds on the shore. As a result, a beautiful sunny day can become very windy and chilly at sunset. This is not always the case but I have officiated more than few weddings at which the bride and her bridesmaids suffered through an unexpected chill that put a damper on the otherwise perfect evening.

Sunset Over the Beach

Another slightly more trivial issue with all beach weddings becomes more pronounced during a windy evening. The Unity Candle Ceremony is a touching symbolic way to celebrate the joining of the bride and groom into a loving marital community. Unfortunately, if it is so windy that the candles can not be lit or will not stay lit then the Unity Candle Ceremony loses it symbolic effect.

I always warn couples about this risk but several have not heeded my warnings. Some have had to eliminate the candles in last minute frustration. Others have stuck to their guns and either had to relight the separate candles repeatedly until they completed the ceremony or they simply pretended that the candles were lit. In all cases the bridal couple would have been much happier if they had made different plans.