Same Sex Marriage in California is Here to Stay

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I was quite happy to learn this morning that the United States Supreme Court held that the lower court’s ruling will stand and that same sex marriage will again be permitted in California.

There are two reasons that I am pleased with today’s decisions.  First, I strongly believe that all people, no matter their sexual orientation, race, religion or any other factors should enjoy the same rights.  Second, I have found that same sex weddings are some the most heartwarming and emotional that I have the honor to officiate.

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Love is All You Need.


I do not mean that gay couples or lesbian couples share a love that is any greater or different.  Their love has simply been subjected to such extreme historical prejudice and suppression that during a same sex marriage the couples often experience an overwhelming and unexpected release of emotions.   Many couples are joyfully stunned that their wedding is even happening.  I can remember dozens of emotional same sex wedding ceremonies but two were particularly moving.

I officiated a wedding ceremony for two gentlemen in their 70’s who had been together for over forty years.  Their wedding was a great celebration with a hundred guests at a gorgeous Hollywood Hills mansion.  The grooms each read eloquent personal vows to one another explaining how relieved and overjoyed they were that their love was no longer taboo or secret.   Yet, they could laugh at the irony at the fact that their love of over forty years was suddenly deemed “legal”.  At the end of their ceremony there was not a dry eye in the house.

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Same Sex Wedding Cake


Another memorable same-sex wedding ceremony was a private ceremony at Santa Monica Bluff Park with only the two brides and myself.  Both brides were professors at a southern university and felt it necessary to keep their love a secret in their community.  They were very shy about expressing their love in a public location but their personal vows were both beautiful and painful to hear.  At the end of their ceremony I said, “You may now seal your vows with a kiss” but the brides looked terrified and glanced around.  I could not resist and told them, “Go ahead and kiss. You’re not in Kansas anymore.”

Governor Brown has said that same sex marriage will begin in California as soon as possible.  I look forward to being a part of a positive new era of California history.  If you are looking for a great officiant then click here.

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