Wedding Candles for Beach Weddings

Beach Sand Unity Ceremony California Weddings
I’ve officiated many beach weddings in California so I have quite a bit of experience of the issues that beach weddings bring. They’re a different breed than a tamer indoor wedding. Please consider the wedding advice I have for those who want to do a beach wedding.
Unity Candle Wedding Ceremony Los Angeles Beach Weddings
One wedding idea that is common is the use of wedding candles during a wedding ceremony. Many brides and grooms who get married in beach weddings often want to light a unity candle during the wedding ceremony.  I discourage that. A unity candle is a wedding tradition that is usually done indoors and there’s a reason for that.
My experience is that the windy atmosphere of a beach wedding does not mix with the fragile flame of a unity candle. Plus wind combined with fire does not make it the safest of wedding ceremonies.
Sand Ceremony Unity for Southern California Beach Weddings
Many of my clients who ignore my wedding advice NOT to light a unity candle outdoors often have to fake it when the flame of the candle ultimately goes out. There have been those couples who thought they had it figured out by buying a long necked main candle holder to protect the flame, however, when trying to grab the flame with the smaller candle, that smaller candle flame will often meet it’s demise or the couple will burn their hands trying to dip into the long candle holder.
Some day I know I’m going to witness a candle meeting a polyester veil or dress. I dread the thought of it. But some people say, “I know, I know. It’s really what we want.” And they go through with it anyway.
Beach Sand Unity Ceremony California Weddings
Even more awkward is when you must use a long necked lighter to frantically light the candle. This is not the feeling that most people want during their perfect wedding. It ruins the romance, trust me.
In my opinion, if you want to include a ceremony addition during a beach wedding there is an easier wedding tradition that makes more sense: a sand ceremony. I have done many wedding sand ceremonies and the mix of the wind and the sand is very dramatic. Also, what is wonderful, if you choose a beautiful container and your favorite colors of sand, you can have a nice wedding vessel as a great memory of your wedding. There are several different ways to do a sand wedding ceremony and when you book me as your marriage officiant I can make some great suggestions.
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