Wedding Dogs

dogs, weddings, nuptials, ceremonies, best man, greeter

It is a great wedding idea for many couples to include their children in their wedding ceremonies. But for dog lovers, their “children” are their dogs. And so, of course, this kind of wedding couple will tend to include their animals in their weddings. I’ve officiating many weddings where the wedding dogs are either a best man, a greeter, a ring bearer or just plain hanging out. It’s very sweet and humorous to see a dog in a tuxedo.

dogs, weddings, nuptials, ceremonies, best man, greeter

Please remember that dogs are usually very people-oriented and if you have a large wedding and your dogs are participating in the ceremony that there may be some extreme coaxing to get your dog to cooperate during the wedding procession. Why? Because your dogs will see many new people who may tend to overexcite them. I’ve seen many wedding dogs who see 80 new people as an opportunity to socialize and get some attention. My suggestion is to let your dog roam around the guests before the wedding ceremony in order to get used to the wedding guests.

dogs, weddings, nuptials, ceremonies, best man, greeter, lovers, couples,

If you’re a dog owner, or rather, if you are owned by a dog, consider including your dog to be a part of your nuptials.


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