Destination Weddings in Los Angeles

destination weddings malibu

I have had the honor to officiate destination weddings in Los Angeles for couples visiting from all over the world. Being a Southern California officiant, I can issue a marriage license and perform your wedding ceremony in any California county from Santa Barbara County to San Diego County and as far west as Los Angeles County and as far east as Riverside County.

Some of those international weddings are large, formal events. Many are simple and intimate weddings with just a few guests or elopements with just the bride, groom and me. You don’t need a witness if you have a confidential marriage license, which I can issue to a couple right before their wedding.

I love talking with people from other countries as I get to learn so much about the world. Since international couples typically do not know a lot about Southern California I am happy to suggest unique and fun wedding locations in various parts of Los Angeles for their ceremonies that fit the wedding couple. I recently had the honor of issuing the marriage license and officiating the wedding of Marcel and Bettina from Germany and was able to practice my rudimentary German language skills by reading a poem that they wanted to include in their ceremony. They didn’t laugh so I must have done a good job.

From my suggested wedding locations, they chose Malibu Lagoon and were ecstatic with the unique beauty of the setting so unique to Southern California. The reason that it was not a crowded beach was that I officiated their wedding mid-week and mid-day.

Once they are home in Germany after their honeymoon trip up the California coast I will be assisting them in acquiring Apostilles from the California Secretary of State’s office so they can have proof of their marriage for international purposes. My attorney skills help many of my international couples navigate through the legal system. I am always happy to help any couple have the most carefree and wedding experience possible. For more information about German Wedding Ceremonies click on the link.