KTLA Wedding Officiants

wedding officiant

How cool is this? KTLA was looking for officiants. I was recommended to KTLA to be the main wedding officiant for their “Week of Weddings Daily I Do” leading up to Valentine’s Day. I ended up officiated the non-religious weddings.

Although I had to get up super early on Tuesday morning to be on KTLA’s Morning News Show, it was totally worth it. Not only were Felipe and Lissa wonderfully warm, but I got to hang out with the news celebrities at KTLA. I have to say that the KTLA staff is a full class effort. Every single person there, from the guards at the entry gate, to the valet parkers, to the production staff and the news anchors are happy, respectful and accommodating. You couldn’t ask  for a better Los Angeles wedding atmosphere.

It was my pleasure to officiate the wedding of Felipe and Lissa. I look forward to Friday morning when I am the wedding officiant for a very special wedding.

Check out when I was the wedding officiant for a same-sex wedding on KTLA of Lisa and Conchita.

I appreciate that KTLA trusted that I could be their wedding officiant!