Be Prepared

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Simply Bridal ( has some great tips for your wedding ceremony day so you and your bridesmaids and groomsmen will not be caught unprepared at your wedding ceremony. Some of their suggestions, like water, are very appropriate for summer weddings and outdoor marriage ceremonies, especially if you are getting married in Southern California during the summer.  Ironically, one of their suggestions, alcohol, often causes the need for some of the others (eye drops, painkillers, spot remover, breath mints).  Most do not apply if a couple has opted for marriage in the nude which I have encountered a few times as a wedding officiant.

I noticed that they do not suggest an extra set of wedding rings. I have been the officiant for wedding ceremonies a number of times when the best man or the bride’s sister accidentally left the rings at home.  I now know how to pull my my own wedding ring off and stealthily hand it to a ring bearer while I am officiating a wedding ceremony as was seen in one of the Bridezillas episodes I was featured in which featured a wedding ceremony.

Be Prepared for Your Wedding Ceremony

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