Wedding Cupcakes for Beach Weddings

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I’ve seen every possible type of wedding cake over the years.  Some wedding cakes have been seven tiers and  five fee tall.  Some wedding cakes have been the size of a small bed.  And some wedding cakes have been right out of the grocery store box.

Beach Weddings

Beach weddings usually involve only sand. But you can be creative and please your wedding guests as well.officiants for weddings, wedding cupcakes

At a recent Malibu wedding that would have been a beach wedding had the weather behaved, the bride and groom, a couple of beach lovers, took a whimsical approach and made wedding cupcakes for their guests.  This is a wedding cake trend that is lots of fun and very casual. I love the nicknames that they chose for the wedding cupcakes. Here’s to a long and happy life for “Gidget” and “Moondoggie”, a perfect California couple.