When You Forgot to Get a Marriage License Before Your Wedding

wedding laws California

You forgot to get a marriage license? Don’t panic.

Marriage is, technically, a legal contract. And so a wedding ceremony has some requirements.

The most important legal requirement is that you need get a marriage license before your wedding ceremony takes place. That’s just the law and a legal detail that needs to be fulfilled with no exceptions.

wedding laws California

But the funny thing is that many brides and grooms either don’t know this necessity or they forget, in the myriad of details planning their wedding, to purchase the actual marriage license.

I am often called by couples, in a panic, to come to their aid. I always keep a few marriage licenses on hand for these types of emergencies. And being that the County Clerk’s office is closed on weekends, this call usually happens on a Friday night or Saturday morning. No worries, I can help you out.

Sometimes I get a call from a less panicked couple who explain that they totally forgot to get a marriage license, had the wedding ceremony, and now need to get remarried with a wedding license. I can easily issue a marriage license and be your wedding officiant in a private legal wedding ceremony so nobody has to know that your “friends and family” ceremony did not result in your marriage.

So, if you are having a wedding today or tomorrow, or even next week or next month, I can help you out by issuing you a California confidential marriage license. Give me a call. And don’t panic. There’s enough to worry about on your wedding day and I’m here to make sure that this portion of your Southern California wedding is stress-free.

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