We perform Wine Ceremonies.

There are many ways to peform a wine ceremony.  We've seen many variations of a wine wedding and the great thing is that there is no one way to do it.  You can start your own wine wedding tradition.

One wine wedding ceremony is to pour a glass of wine, talk about it's aging and mellowing and about sharing wine together, then each the bride and groom drink from it.  We've seen couples pass the wine glass to their family members as a remembrance of the history of their families, now united.

Another version of the wine ceremony is that 2 glasses are poured and the bridal couple drinks while their arms are locked.  This can be tricky, so some practice is recommended. 

The Jewish wedding calls for drinking wine and then taking a glass, wrapped in a cloth, and crushing it underfoot.

One couple we married asked to be poured a glass of white and a glass of red during the wedding ceremony, each drank from each glass and then they poured their wine together in a separate glass, and the new glass of wine looked like a rosé.  We talked about the color of their wines and the blending of their hearts together to become one.  The newly married couple served a rosé at their wedding reception to remind everyone about their marriage.  Their best man reminded everyone about the significance of the wine they were drinking during his wedding speech.  Interestingly, their wedding flowers were red roses and white roses, with two pink roses in the middle.

One variation to have a wine theme wedding is to have a wine reception, give wine wedding favors such as engraved wine glasses or even engraved wine openers as wine favors and even do a wine tasting at the reception. For wine aficionados this can be a great way to share the love for wine.

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