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Green Card By Marriage

To Marry for a Green Card Marriage of Convenience

You must be truly in love to get a green card by marriage. It is illegal to marry for a green card to a total stranger or someone that you are not in love with. That can cause deportation for the person with the immigration visa and even a jail sentence for the American. Plus when you do that, it ruins it for those couples who are in love and want to be married as immigration laws and the process of legalization becomes more and more difficult.

green card marriages are not legal unless you are in love
Tourist visas have an expiration and if you are in love and know that you would like to be together as marriage partners, then call us. Many couples wish to elope to avoid the expiration date on their visas and then have a more formal wedding ceremony later and as ceremony officiants, we can be there for you to provide a legal marriage ceremony quickly and easily.

We are often called by many couples in love or their attorneys, many times on a moment’s notice, to provide a marriage license and wedding ceremony. Please go to our marriage license requirements page for the proper information on how to get married with a confidential marriage license and the proper documentation that is needed.