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Destination Weddings

Wedding Officiant for California Destination Weddings

How to get married in California


L.A. is one of the easiest Elopement Destinations
Elope in Los Angeles! This Los Angeles wedding officiant can help you get married in Los Angeles

If you would like to Skype, please arrange a time to Skype via email to meet up on OfficiantGuy Skype account.

destination weddings in California

Is your destination wedding Los Angeles? Many people have told us, “I want to get married in California, but I don’t know if I can because I don’t live there.”

How to Get married in California:

Coming from out-of-state or even out of the United States and need to get married?
No problem. We have married many visitors traveling from other states and from other countries who want to have the perfect southern California Wedding. Chris is a Los Angeles marriage officiant who can make it easy for you. You do not have to live in California in order for us to marry you here or provide a marriage license for you. California residency or American residency is not necessary.

If you are long distance or overseas, Chris’s Skype account is: OfficiantGuy. Please email in advance to use it.

Los Angeles California Marriage License

If you would like us to provide you with a Los Angeles California marriage license we can do so easily as we are specially authorized to issue a marriage license in Los Angeles county for those couples who tell us that they have been living together as man and wife. What’s great is that with our specialized wedding license, called a California confidential marriage license, you do not need any witnesses and your certificate of marriage is sealed from public record, so it remains private to you- – meaning no media, no solicitors, no telemarketers.

Please go to this page for more information about getting married in Los Angeles: Los Angeles Marriage License Requirement

In order to get married in Los Angeles or Orange County (or any California county) you need:

1) the information on this page California Marriage License.
2) One valid piece of photo identification from both the bride & groom.
3) a copy of any divorce decree or annulment (if any) that took place in the last 2 years.


California Apostille

Many of our clients come from other countries that require an apostille or certification sent to them as soon as possible.  It can be very difficult to understand where to go, who to see and who to keep in contact with when you are from a foreign country.  We have navigated this bureaucracy before and can be your United States advocate in submitting your marriage license to the appropriate authorities and get your apostille to you quickly.  It can be very tense dealing with the goverment in these matters and we can do it for you and send your apostille to you by Fedex, UPS or DHL.

officiant for southern california destination weddings
Southern California Wedding Locations  

Don’t know where to get married in Southern California area?  We can help and give you some ideas about a good wedding location in southern California.  We’ve performed ceremonies all over Southern California, from the southern California beach wedding to the California outdoor wedding to the southern California golf course wedding, and can make some recommendations for either planned or last minute weddings in any Southern California wedding venues.  In order for us to provide you witih the special confidential Los Angeles County marrige certificate you must be married within the boundaries of Los Angeles county.

Los Angeles county is quite large extending from the shores of Malibu to Long Beach to the Inland Empire to San Fernando Valley to San Gabriel Valley to Pomona Valley. You can now get a confidential marriage license in Orange County. The beaches of Huntington Beach in Orange County are quite beautiful for a destination wedding. Chris can officiate your ceremony anywhere in Southern California