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Cousin Marriage Ceremony

We perform Cousin Weddings.

a private cousin wedding

A cousin marriage may seem odd to most people, but in California first cousins can marry legally. In some states that don’t allow cousin marriages, if you marry in California it is recognized as legal in the other state. Please check your state’s marriage laws before engaging our services. We cannot verify the legitimacy of your state’s cousin marriage laws, but we will officiate your wedding and issue you a CA confidential marriage license.

The Officiant Guy has officiated at many cousin weddings were the bride and groom were cousins and were in love. Often, it is a private and confidential wedding ceremony that the couple does not want to disclose. Many cousins who want to get married have flown in just for the wedding ceremony and Chris can meet you at the airport with a confidential wedding license in hand.

The unique thing about getting married in California is that it is a state that allows confidential marriage licenses to be filed which means that all of your personal information will be sealed from public view and can only be accessed by court order. Chris is specially authorized by the Los Angeles County Clerk’s office to issue a California confidential marriage license.

Contact Officiant Guy if you are indeed cousins and would like to get married in Los Angeles county, California. Chris would be happy to officiate your wedding ceremony. He is the best wedding officiant in Southern California.