Ceremony Honoring Family

We perform Wedding Ceremonies Honoring Family.

Your family raised you, stood by your side and then are there for you when you rise or fall.  It's no wonder that many brides and grooms choose to honore their families during a wedding ceremony.

Whether it's a nod to your parents for raising you, or a welcoming of children into the new family or even a dedication to a deceased member of the family, we have been there to officiate the wedding ceremony.  This mention can be included in your wedding vows in different ways:

WEDDING OFFICIANT:  BRIDE and GROOM wish to let BRIDE'S MOTHER and FATHER and GROOM'S MOTHER and FATHER know how much you mean to them and how important you have been to them from the very beginning.  As you have watched and guided them and encouraged them to be the people they are today, so have you been there when they found each other.  And it is fitting that today they are here before you, as they have always been, to ask you to witness their joining.  They ask that you will still be there to guide them, to be there in difficult times and joyous ones, to be there for their children and to give them your guidance too. You see, this marriage is a marriage of family and BRIDE and GROOM acknowledge that their families are now uniting.

or honoring a deceased relative:

OFFICIANT:  As you know BRIDE'S FATHER left this earth a few months ago and now BRIDE would like to speak and honor her father's part in her life.
BRIDE:  I want to thank you, my dear father, for being there so much of my life.  You were always there for me and I miss you so very much.  It saddens me so much to know that you are not here to walk me down the aisle. I promise to honor your importance in my life by following the path you led me down. I want you to know that as I am here today, I am thinking of you, and I will always be thinking of you.

Usually after a wedding speech like this, there is not a dry eye in the place.


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